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Loved by Cat in a Flat

About ME

I'm sure you can imagine the story. I live in a rental flat and am therefore catless (well, not quite true, my neighbours' cat thinks he lives with me, but I have to send him home sometimes!)

Anyway I grew up with cats so that's not alright, and any opportunity to help other people out when their cats are lonely is welcome, you just might have to force me to stop visiting after you get home.

Experienced cat-sitter / part-owner but mainly for friends and family. I'm also a cat photographer, if you have an outdoor cat in Oxford you might spot them here:

I live near the railway station and cycle but don't generally drive, so happy to travel anywhere in Oxford city and some of the more local areas beyond - Botley, Kennington, Wytham.

Happy to discuss further afield up to a point subject to travel costs / housesitting, e.g. Abingdon, Bicester, Eynsham.

Please note I will be visiting family over Christmas and therefore not available. I may be available over New Year depending on the exact dates.

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My ReviEws

  • 12 Nov 17

    Helen M



    We went away knowing that we could depend upon John. As before, our cats were well cared for and very happy. They got plenty of cuddles, as evidenced by the daily photos sent by John. It is a relief to know that we can go away and feel secure in the knowledge that the cats are in good hands.

  • 3 Sep 17

    Helen M


    Couldn't Be Happier

    John was recommended to us and we couldn't be happier with the service we received. We were updated daily during our fortnight away, with messages and pictures (particularly appreciated by the children). It was clear that John really cared about the welfare of our cats, spending lots of time with them and waiting patiently to see them when they were out roaming for hours on end. We returned to very happy & healthy cats and we will not hesitate to use John again.

  • 23 Aug 17

    Antje Frotscher O


    Caring sitter

    Perfect - reliable, caring sitter, and fun pictures of the cat every day so I hardly had a chance to miss him ;)

  • 27 Feb 17

    Claire O


    Conscientious & Accommodating

    John has been very conscientious and accommodating throughout. He came to meet the Cats and us before we booked. On the weekend he house/cat sat he kept us regularly updated with texts and photos.

  • 6 Jan 17

    Antje Frotscher O


    Good Communication

    As before John was reliable, understanding, attentive to detail, very good at communicating promptly and clearly, and genuinely cared about my cat - apart from looking perfectly after Odin's food and litter needs I partcularly appreciated the long hours he spent keeping Odin company while I was away - thanks so much again!

  • 21 Sep 16

    Antje Frotscher O


    Perfect care

    John looked perfectly after Odin, easily navigated some minor issues, and kept me well informed throughout my absence. Wil not hesitate to ask him again next time I'm away.

  • 15 Sep 16

    Dario S



    All perfect! John is very friendly, flexible and reliable. He took very good care of our two cats while we were on a 10-day holiday. The communication with John both before and during our travel was great, and while we were away we received daily updates with pictures, which was really nice!

  • 13 Sep 16

    Catherine F


    Great sitter!

    John was great with Milly, and kept me well-updated as the weekend went on - thank you!

  • 13 Aug 16

    Flora Gibani C


    Very reliable & friendly!

    Very reliable and friendly. Excellent communication before and during. Nice to receive updates whilst we were away. Highly recommend.

  • 14 Jul 16

    Emma A


    Highly Recommended!

    John is a wonderful cat sitter! We couldn't have asked for a more trustworthy, cat-loving person to look after our three babies. He really took his role seriously and was happy to spend time with the cats rather than just a 'meals on wheels' service - purrfection! We received regular updates and some great photos. It was great to return home after two weeks away to find such happy, healthy little mogs. Thanks John!

  • 1 May 16

    Clementine D


    Highly Recommended

    Once more, Thanking John for taking such good care of our cat and taking care of us as he updates regularly about the situation.

  • 1 Mar 16

    Clementine D


    Enthusiastic "Miaows"

    Again, John has been really attentive to Pacha. He takes his role very seriously and it is much appreciated by us and mostly by Pacha. If Pacha could write a review there would be a lot of enthusiastic "Miaows"

  • 10 Feb 16



    John is really great.

    John is really great. John loves cats and is nice to humans too :) He provided us with daily updates and was attentive to any behaviour from our cat. We hope that John can take of our cat next time again.

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