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Hi, I'm Ruth, privileged "owner" of 2 beautiful cats. (Owner in quotes, as we all know they own us really!). I'm also fostering a 3-month-old, 3-legged kitten who, honestly, won't be going back to the shelter as it's love all round!! :D

Ernie is a shy, loving, affectionate 11 year old black beauty who adopted us nearly 5 years ago (that's him cuddling with me in my profile pic). He was a stray and used to wander my neighbourhood. When I opened my door to him one day, he came inside and promptly jumped on my lap for a snooze! I was hooked and he's been the best companion ever since then, by my side through good times & bad times, including serious illness, and beyond.

Millie is a funny, mischevious, affectionate little kitten whom I adopted after she was found abandoned, aged only 6 weeks (the vet reckons she was born around mid-August) 😞 She's a gorgeous long haired tabby, with the softest coat ever! The fur on her legs looks like little bloomers! 😆 She loves her big brother Ernie and just wants to play but he's not as enthusiastic as she is and can get a bit grumpy with her. However, our foster kitten (Captain Henry the Third, or Henry for short) and Millie have become best friends and are leaving Ernie alone to observe them from a comfortable distance! If you'd like, you can check out my guys in my Clients photo gallery..I also have a Facebook page so please pop over and join us for some feline fun -

I am a volunteer with the DSPCA and the cats are my favourite (shhh, don't tell the dogs!). I'm also a big fan of Jackson Galaxy, the cat behaviourist, and love reading and learning about cats and their behaviours.

The cats and I have great chats and I've become an expert at chin, ear and back rubs! If they allow me the privilege of belly rubs my day is made 😊

It's a big deal to introduce a stranger to your precious cats and your home. I'm happy to come and meet you all before you make your final decision (one meeting free of charge).

I am available while you're away on holiday/business or even out of the home for long periods during the day (e.g. Long shifts, commutes, etc).

I can also send you a daily photo or short video so you'll see how they're doing. More than one cat or other small furries? No problem! Want the post moved from the front door or plants watered? I can do that. 😊 (Depending on distance there may be a small extra charge for travel costs and/or for multiple pets).

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  • 10 Jul 17

    Hyemin C


    Five Star Cat Sitter

    Ruth is a five star cat sitter. My cat really liked her from the first visit. While I was away Ruth kept me updated with photos of my cat and even brought toys to play with her. She left the place very neat and clean as well. I highly recommend Ruth!

  • 11 Jun 17

    Agata B

    Dun Laoghaire

    Kind & Communicative

    Ruth was our cat-sitter for our cat Lila for 6 days. She is very open, kind and communicative. We had no trouble getting in touch with her and arranging meet-and-greet, as well as key handover. Lila had a great time with her, we received photo-relations every day! Lila definitely recommends Ruth to other kitties!

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    Dun Laoghaire
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    Capt Henry the Third (or just Henry!)

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    D18 FN22
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