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About ME

Hi my name is Christine and well I love cats. My friend went into hospital a few years ago and I took care of her cats night and day for a few months. I have had dogs and gerbils in the past but I find I am more of a cat person and contrary to popular belief they are very cuddly and loving.

I have three cats of my own.

Amber is a tortie and Queen of the house. She is an excellent hunter loves open spaces and when she isn't bringing home mice or bats for the others she is happy cuddling and being cuddled.

Merlin is a tabby and the eldest boy. He is a very athletic cat and requires allot of play to meet his needs. He loves being outside but at night he is a lap cat. He loves to be picked up and cuddled like a teddy bear and his favourite spot for scratches is his face and tummy.

Illidan is a tuxedo cat and the youngest. He was born with a polyp in his ear which stopped his ear drum from growing so he is half deaf. He walks low to the ground like a panther to help with his balance issues. He is still a very loving and energetic kitty and is very good when we have to administer his medication. His favourite thing to do is play with his brother.

All of my kittens are rescues.

I am very dedicated to my cats and if you choose me I would be very dedicated to yours. I also have some references on request.

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My ReviEws

  • 3 Jan 18

    Paul Harvie


    Absolutely Amazing

    Christine is absolutely amazing! Cannot recommend enough, she is a god send for our little ball of fur :)

  • 20 Jul 17

    Helen R


    Christine totally gets cats!

    At the risk of making Christine harder to book if too many clients discover her, I have to say this is cat sitting several notches up from what I had before. Texts, photos and even videos daily to reassure me that the girls were happy out, and plenty of information about how much food was being eaten and what type (I feed a varied diet). Nothing was too much trouble and Christine stayed over two nights. The cats clearly liked her and were more relaxed and healthy than any previous time I've come back from holiday. I will be using Christine again soon and hope she will fast become my cats' trusted 'auntie". Christine totally gets cats!

  • 29 Mar 17

    Saranne M

    Dublin 8

    Highly Recommended

    I cant recommend Christine highly enough. Very friendly and easy to deal with. I felt completely at ease leaving my 2 cats in her care. Will definitely be booking Christine again for future visits.

MY furry clients

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    Baby Godzilla

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