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Hi I am Tancy,I am retired and I have plenty time to play and cuddle your furry babies. I live with my partner and my darling LuLu ,tomcat,in Phibsborough. I am in love with animals, for me they are earth angels and I would love to have a farm and live with all of them .I do cat rescue while visiting my country where ,unfortunately, animal care is in struggle,kitten fostering,neutering,feeding and donating . I have LuLu ever since he was 8 weeks old , he is an indoor cat ,I don't know to much of his background but he came in our house very scared and upset, with lots of love and cuddles he is the King of the house now.Lulu is nearly 5 years now he is very strong and healthy ,never had a problem and he never missed a check up or vaccination,He was put in care while we have been abroad and we found him very unhappy and upset .I think that determined us to find a sitter to give us peace of mind ,and him lots of cuddles and belly rubs. I am able to visit you before your departure to accommodate the babies with my company and presence and you with my devotation. I do have a car and I am able to drive around North Dublin,city center, and surroundings Life is a joy with cats lets give them the best of time!!! Looking forward to meet your furry lovely babies

  • My Area Dublin 7 (10.0KM) , Dublinc (10.0KM)

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My ReviEws

  • 23 Apr 18



    Thank you Tancy for looking after them so well. I really appreciated getting updates while I was away and returned to two happy cats. Tancy was very responsive and really nice to deal with and I would highly recommend her :)

  • 17 Apr 18



    Tancy is a wonderful cat sitter - extremely reliable and friendly, always sends updates on the kitties and super accommodating! Would highly recommend!

  • 12 Feb 18

    Miranda H


    Tancy is really nice and reliable, the cats were well taken care of when we came home :) we also got updates and pictures everyday. So much better than taking them somewhere else. Thank you!

  • 30 Jan 18

    Valentina S

    Dublin 5

    Good communication. Reliable. Flexible. Would highly recommend.

  • 22 Dec 17

    Noel H

    Dublin 9.

    Tancy came to my aid at short notice when I had to go away urgently to attend to a family matter. She is very conscientious and took a good deal of time in preparing for the task of taking care of Puddy Tat. During my absence, Tancy sent me detailed, regular updates by text and I came back to a very satisfied cat.

  • 5 Nov 17

    Eimear & Bill K


    This was the third time Tancy came to mind our 2 cats. As always Tancy was great to deal with before, during and after our trip away. Tancy goes above and beyond and really took the time to get our cats to relax with her. We got regular updates and pictures and came home to two very happy and relaxed cats. We will book Tancy again soon!

  • 1 Nov 17

    Illia K


    Tancy was looking after our cat for 8 days (twice a day). It was a first time we left our cat with someone else and Tancy did a brilliant job keeping her well. Our cat was well-fed and in a good mood when we came back. We had a pretty big check-list and quite complicated feeding routine, but Tancy nailed everything we asked her to do. She was updating us with pictures on every visit. We can highly recommend Tancy as a top-notch cat-sitter to anyone who is caring about their furry little ones!

  • 19 Oct 17

    Eimear & Bill K


    This was our second time having Tancy mind our two cats, again everything was perfect. Tancy really takes the time to look after the cats and sends regular updates. We came home to two very happy cats again and won't hesitate to book Tancy again :)

  • 22 Aug 17



    Attentive, caring and reliable! Tancy was a delight to work with and she even managed to get one of my very shy cats to trust her, which is the best compliment you can get.

  • 23 Jul 17

    Alice H


    Could not recommend more! We came home to a very happy and affectionate Cat 🐱 not to mention the daily updates we received - really helped to put us at ease. Thanks SO much for your kindness and professionalism.

  • 29 Jun 17

    Marian C

    Dublin 8

    This was the second time that Tancy took care of my cat while I as travelling. Tancy is reliable and really cares. She also sends regular updates as committed. As with last time, I came back to a relaxed cat! Thanks.

  • 2 Jun 17



    Tancy took great care of our two cats while we were away. She came twice a day and fed, watered, cleaned and played with the cats. She sent photos and updates at each visit and we were very reassured that they were ok. We came home to two very happy cats and would recommend Tancy as a great catsitter 😊

  • 15 May 17



    Ninja was very relaxed and happy when we got home which normally isn't the case, everything was great! Thank you for sending so many updates and pictures.

  • 27 Feb 17

    Marian C

    Dublin 8

    I needed to travel at short notice last week and Tancy was able to call by with short notice to meet my cat Minnie and get details on food etc. Minnie seemed to bond straight away with Tancy. I got text and picture updates while away and came back to a very happy cat!! Thanks Tancy

MY furry clients

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  • Len

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  • Ninja

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    Dublin 7
  • Minnie

    Dublin 8

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