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About ME

I am Mariane Poli, I'm originally from Brazil and I am an English teacher. I have an English Literature degree and I love reading and travelling.

I love cats, as I believe they are our best furry friends. I have three cats back in Brazil, they are with my mom and I miss them every day. Merlin is the one I'm holding in my picture, and he loves cuddles and playing with a string. I also have a little black girl cat, Morgana, who is very caring and a big Siamese one, Ollivander, who is so playful and always looking for treats.

Cats are the most amazing animals, in my opinion. It's not easy winning their trust, but it's so worth it when you finally do!

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  • 2 May 17

    Michael Muck



    mariane was awesome. she made friends with our cats very quickly, took good care of them and also sent us photos. we definitely recommend her and will surely book here again in the future :)

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