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Cat sitter in Lucan

Hi I’m Naveen. I am a 20 year old cat-loving student in Speech and Language Therapy in Trinity College Dublin. I live with my parents and my sister in Terenure.

Cats are my single-most favourite thing in this world. All my friends see my love for cats as my most defining characteristic. From a very young age I have been obsessed with cats. I looked after the stray cats in the area I used to live in. I always took care of them and fed them. There is something about them that always made me love them. Cats are the cutest animals ever and they are so sweet, even the ones who are really shy and quiet. My 5 year-old calico cat Faith was such a shy cat when we first got her. It took her some time to get used to us. She still isn’t the most affectionate cat but she shows her love for us in the smallest of ways, like she brings us over to her food bowl every once in a while and will only eat if we are there. Her progress from being a very unaffectionate cat to a cat that shows affection in her own special way was the best thing I ever witnessed.

My black cat Timmy came to us as a stray and he has been our baby for 2 years now. He is the exact opposite of Faith. He is a lovebug. He wants attention and I give it to him as much as I can. He is such a special boy. He loves scratches so much that he leans towards my hand and falls over.

I can look after your cat(s), feed them and change their litter. I can also give them all the attention they need!

I am happy to feed your cat, change their litter, hang out with them and play.

If you choose me as your next cat sitter, I will send you daily updates and photos of your furbaby. I will also make sure you come back home to a happy, relaxed cat.

My Reviews

  • 8 Mar 20

    Nikos K

    Dublin 24

    This is the second time I booked Naveen to watch over Luffy. I had a big 10 day trip planned so I was a bit worried about my little brother. All my worries were gone as Naveen was sending me photos and videos every day and when I returned my cat looked as happy as ever. My place was in perfect condition too. Thank you very much Naveen.

  • 27 Jan 20

    Nikos K

    Dublin 24

    Naveen is a very polite and trustworthy guy who loves cats. After returning from my vaccation, I found Luffy happy and playful. My place was perfectly clean too. I definetely recommend him.

  • 10 Aug 19

    Martina B

    Dublin 12

    I was v happy with Naveen. He looked after my cat v well. He also let her out and spent time with her even though he wasn't obliged too. I would definitely recommend him.

My Furry clients

  • Luffy

    Dublin 24
  • Munna Munna

    Dublin 12
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