Cat care tips & info

  • Litter tray upsets: Understanding your cat’s toilet issues

    Cats and their litter tray Our cats are without doubt creatures of habit and are inherently territorial. Not only do they crave routine, they actively dislike change or inconsistency. This applies to their toilet’ing habits and everything that goes with it. A cat litter box is sacrosanct to its feline…

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  • How to keep your Cat safe during Fireworks

    Fireworks may be fun for us, but they are not for most cats. As you make plans to go out and enjoy the show, please ensure that your kitty is kept safely at home.  Firework season generally starts from mid October to early November. And then it starts again for…

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  • Cat breeds for different lifestyles

    We all love cats, that’s a given – but how does one cat breed differ from the next? What characteristics are they known for, and which cat breeds might suit your specific lifestyle best? Here are a few insights =^.^= 1. The best cats for children Not every cat likes…

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  • How to prepare for your HouseSitter

    Passport? Check. Visas? Check. Chargers? Check. You may think you’ve got it all figured out for getting ready to go on holiday, but how prepared are you for your house sitter?

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  • A guide to a cat’s facial expressions

    Cats are lovely animals that make great companions. Much like humans, they’re also capable of showing emotion through their faces. Whether you own a cat or are a cat sitter, it’s vital that you take some time to learn about a cat’s facial expressions and body language. It will give…

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  • What is my cat’s tail telling me?

    Cats can be very mysterious animals. It’s difficult to tell what your cat is thinking; are they crawling up to you because they want to play, or are they demanding more food? Is your cat’s tail wag a friendly gesture of companionship, or is your cat mad at you? While…

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  • What is your cat really saying?

    Every cat meows differently, so it’s up to you to learn it Cats can be incredibly vocal creatures. But did you know that most of their meows are saved just for us? The only meowing between cats is done between a mother cat and her kittens. The cute little “mew”…

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  • How to be a 5 Star Cat Sitter

    Being a cat sitter can be very rewarding. Here are some useful tips on how to be a great cat sitter and provide a 5 Star service.

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  • We love Spring – But beware of poisonous plants for cats!

    Some plants can be very toxic to cats. Cat poisoned symptoms are often hard to tell, but here is a list of common warning signs.

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  • Do cats and dogs get on in short visits?

    As cat owners, we all know that feeling when you invite a relative or friend over for dinner and they say the dreaded “can I bring my dog?” It is common knowledge that there are very few cats who are delighted about a dog’s visit. Unless they grew up together,…

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